Well, it finally happened. The site got a “rewrite”.

10 years of basically bullshit as a site, with about 2 attempted rewrites in an attempt to get a blog working, and we now finally have something!

I can with high certaincy say that both server- and client-side code was overkill for a blog project, no matter how cool it looked, which is why I ended up with Jekyll.

Long Term

Long term plans for this site is gonna be me materializing my thoughts on paper.

Could be me trying to set up a new overclock, could be a new container project, it could be a CS:GO scrim, or it could be analysis of new tech in a speedrun.

Porting the “old stuff” over

Short term plans are definitely to rewrite the CSS to something more in my liking.

Some of the stuff I had on my old site included:

High-performance IP Checker:

Well, it was written in PHP, can’t be high-performance other than it simply just returning the connecting IP. Also, ever since moving to CloudFlare it hasn’t been working for obvious reasons.

Since so many sites offers this functionality nowadays I will get rid of it.

Nicer push to talk audio cues:

These will be uploaded in a blog post shortly, both the Risset drum and the square wave samples.

I don’t use them any longer given that I tend to record a lot of my gameplay, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with them.


Pretty much all of this code is obsolete and not in any way indiciative of my current skill.

For the time being, this should still be available, but I’ll most likely retire it soon. Only good ones were some BASH scripts which I might put up as a Github project at some point.

PGP Key:

Surprisingly (for me), I never received an email that was encrypted in the 3 years I had the key displayed on the site.

Until I can think of a good way to keep this on all my mobile devices without fearing for a full private key reset due to a potential device loss, I want to ensure my responses remain swift.

Google Analytics:

Oddly enough, it seems like I never had this set up on my old site.

While I don’t want to completely rule out the chances of GA getting integrated on the site, I don’t think it’s going to happen soon.

Getting CI’d

I’m looking for a way to have my site build automatically whenever I push to git, but I want to keep it local and inexpensive in both cost and resources.

I have some experience with Jenkins, but considering this will be a one-off I don’t think that’s the path I will be taking, but we’ll see.