Hi, my name is Sebastian Jensen. I’m just a dude from Denmark. Some people know me as Eligor, but most know me as gonX (prounounced gonks). Historically I have used other names like imance and N0v4, but gonX has been with me for way over 10 years, so I’ll stick to that.

Bragging Bits

I have:

  • been born in 1992
  • played guitar since 2006
    • during which I’ve played black metal as a guitarist in a band for 6 years
  • experimented with Linux since 2008
  • started playing the bass guitar in 2015
    • during which I played as a session musician in another black metal band for about a year
  • started my first CS:GO team in 2016, which gathered a new roster late 2017, but was first officially announced April 2018.
    • during which I played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at a relatively high level (top 0.1% in EU)
  • held a world record in a (insignificant) PC speedrun
  • for many years, moderated a tech forum with over 250.000 registered users
  • tested myself to be an INTP/INTJ
  • been known to be pretty good with computers.

I am always willing to learn something new. My primary field of expertise is with Linux and DevOps.


I originally bought this domain as a way for me to blog about my trip as an intern to Finland. I was still 16, so getting out of the country on my own was pretty interesting. Nowadays I use it to pour me icy sundaes and serve me fresh sushi.

Originally, the site was written primarily in nano, using raw HTML and inline CSS.

A couple of site rewrites were attempted throughout the years, but most of them ended up looking really cheesy or unintuitive, so nothing happened.

After getting some experience at work with Jekyll, I got inspired to make my next site in that, because I wanted a CMS that wasn’t too heavy on the server. Nothing solves the latter like completely static files.

The rewrite did not happen before April 2018, but what I ended up with was something I was satisfied to present to other people.

Powered By

The site is powered by Arch Linux, nginx, LE certbot and Jekyll. Most of my pages are written in plain vim.

Contact information

You can use the social media links available at the bottom of every page on the site. Please do not use my mail for non-business inquiries, contact me on Twitter first if you want to make a longer conversation.

Why dragons?

Why not?