I spent a few hours porting the theme out of the Rubygems package and doing some small theme adjustments to my liking.

I also added a few things to the site, as you can read below.

Theme changes

This one is sort of boring, so I’ll just present the git changelog to you:

    Integrate Minima 2.5.0 theme with corrections

    - Social now supports Twitch
    - 'home' layout has been renamed to 'listing', with a symlink in place
      to preserve compatibility.
    - Don't show page title on listings. The page title is now intended to
      be used for a capitalized display elsewhere (e.g. header).
    - Filter listings based on 'page.search_category' rather than
      showing all posts.
    - Remove "subscribe via RSS" from listings
    - Show a fallback message if no posts are found for a listing.
    - .svg-icon use vertical-align 'sub' because it's more centered
    - Remove top 5px dark grey bar
    - Remove bottom padding for footer
    - Add slight padding and background color to highlight posts

I’ve made some other changes that weren’t in theme files, and these are as follows:

  • Add author name
  • Updated the description in the bottom right (this was also being used for page previews, apparently)
  • Added site RSS in social
  • Renamed the ‘blog’ category to ‘blogs’ since /blogs/ should show blogs.
  • Added a /blogs/ page (essentially just the home page, but for the URL it makes sense). Ideally this should be done as a redirect instead.
  • Added a pronouncation of my name to the about page.

The rest of the changes I will cover below

I decided on a new permalink style. The default of category/year/month/day/title.extension (blogs/2018/04/21/title.html) doesn’t look too nice in my opinion, and while it is “sensible” in terms of dealing with dumb web servers, I use nginx and have the capability to have clean URLs.

Ultimately I decided on using category/year/month/title, as day is not important with the sort of content I will be making, but at the same time I don’t want to rob people of too much information.


Categories seem like a really powerful tool in Jekyll. It allows me to separate my posts into different listings, depending on what people are interested in.

I want to keep my front page to posts where I talk about intelligent things, so I’ve decided to change the theme to only show posts based on the category that page should be showing. In this case, the front page will be showing blog posts only. For the time being this excludes speedrunning, but CS:GO will probably get its own section in the future as well.

This brings me onto the next subject:


As promised in the last post, speedrunning will be featured fairly heavily on the site, so I’ve made a new section for it.

Head right over to the speedrunning section now and check the latest post about new tech found in Pet the Pup at the Party resulting in a new WR.

Continuous Integration of the site

I’ve decided on not using CI, and will instead be using git pre- and post-commit hooks to deploy my site.

The actual deployment part is still TBA, but I’ve at least got the site building automatically to ensure all my commits are technically deployable.

My biggest issue with the deployment part is that I want to remove everything from the webroot aside from a few specific files. Unfortunately, some files on this list could change at any given moment.